Cerumen (ear wax) Removal in Wilmington, NC

Ear Wax Removal Wilmington

Cerumen (Sir – roo- men), or ear wax, is natural and serves an essential purpose. Still, sometimes it can become impacted and cause a problem. Cerumen is antibacterial and is vital in protecting against infections in the ear. Similar to mucus in nasal passages, cerumen is designed to be within the canal of your ear.

Most of the time, the cerumen in the ear canal must be left alone, and you should not use cotton swabs. Cerumen can be problematic when the build-up becomes solid and obstructs the passage, which can cause a temporary loss of hearing. Blockages can result from small canals, excessive washing of the ears, constant use of cotton swabs, and consistent use of ear molds and earplugs.

Hearing Aids Studio has a magnifying microscope that lets us safely and gently remove the cerumen. Visit us today to get ear wax removal service.