Where you pay only for what you need.

Nobody wants to pay for items that they do not need, yet the hearing aid industry traditionally creates bundled packages which means that you often end up paying for services and appointments you do not need.

At Hearing Aid Studio, we offer a much fairer unbundled approach.

This is where you pay only for what you need by choosing your level of hearing aid technology and service plan.

Pick your Technology Level

Premium Level

Starting at $2,300.00

Less effort needed to hear sounds clearly in the most complex environments.

Virtually no need for manual adjustments —automatic adjustments as the device is a fully automatic device.

Business Level

Starting at $1,850.00

Clearer understanding in more complex environments.

Minimal use of manual adjustments compared to Basic and Economy Levels.

Basic Level

Starting at $1,550.00

Good for understanding in average complex environments.

Some use of manual adjustments compared to Premium and Business Levels.

Economy Level

Starting at $950.00

For use in less complex environments.

Will require higher use of manual adjustments compared to Premium, Business & Basic Levels.

Prices subject to change without notice.

One-year service plan is included as standard. Extended service plans are available.

Your Value Selection

You Pay Only for What You Need

Dont’ worry, we’re here to help. Our experienced hearing professionals can help you select the most appropriate technology level and care plan.

Contact us to schedule your appointment